Ron Paul Revolution, Alive and Well in Webb County

April 21, 2012 in News

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The Webb County Republican Convention was held today at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Que in Laredo, TX.  The Convention saw a record turnout (over 40 people—significant in a county dominated by the Democratic Party).

When I arrived at the Convention, I was pleasantly surprised to find the room full of like-minded individuals, who support the cause of liberty, handily making up the majority of those in attendance.  Most were easily distinguishable, proudly donning their Ron Paul t-shirts and gear.

Together we elected 22 delegates and 22 alternates, I one of them, to represent Webb County at the 2012 Republican Party of Texas State Convention, the majority of whom not only support Ron Paul as the nominee, but more importantly support the ideas that he represents.  The delegation in attendance also passed a total of five resolutions, without discussion, by majority vote—four of which, I introduced.

A complete list of those resolutions and the names of all the delegates will be officially made available publicly in the very near future, and I will try and have all that information posted on this website as well.

For now, here are the four resolutions as I introduced them, that will be moving forward to, in all likelihood, a lively debate at the State Convention.  I only hope that, as an alternate, I will be given the opportunity to act as delegate and speak for these resolutions on the floor of the convention, defend them if necessary, and help do my part to spread the message of liberty.


#1 Resolution on Taxation*

WHEREAS the Republican Party of Texas “believe(s) that government spending is out of control and needs to be reduced, and “support(s)” fundamental, immediate tax reform that is simple, fair, and fully disclosed, therefore let it be

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas reaffirms its stated dedication to the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service and the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the elimination of the personal income tax.


*This resolution was amended, but maintained its stated purpose and goal, and PASSED by majority vote.


#2 Resolution on the Federal Reserve**

WHEREAS the Republican Party of Texas “respect(s) and cherish(es) the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution,” and supports a vigorous, unregulated Free Market as the best method for determining prices and wages; and

WHEREAS the Founding Fathers well understood the dangers of a fiat currency system, and therefore the Constitution prescribes that the States may not “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;” and

WHEREAS the current Federal Reserve System mandates a privately controlled fiat currency and has allowed a Centralized Board of Bankers unaccountable to the American People to manipulate and control the value of the currency and the interest rates; and

WHEREAS these United States holds a current total debt, including unfunded obligations, of 61 trillion dollars, or approximately $528,000 per household according to the U.S. General Accounting Office; and

WHEREAS these practices have resulted in the debasement of the savings and wages of American Citizens, and have created a burdensome “Inflation Tax”; therefore let it be

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve, and the immediate publication to the People of all records and data relating to the actions and decisions of the Federal Reserve Board, its related agencies, and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets; and let it be

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls for the repeal of all taxation and regulation on voluntary transactions between citizens using alternate currencies such as gold and silver; and let it be further

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls for a return to a commodity-backed currency as soon as is practical.


#3 Resolution on the NDAA – Indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens**

WHEREAS sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 31, 2011, allow for the indefinite military detention of United States Citizens, including within the borders of the United States, and

WHEREAS the aforementioned sections of the Act violate both the letter and spirit of the Constitution of the United States in numerous particulars, to wit, Article I Section 9, which specifically prohibits the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the 5th and 6th Amendments, which protect the rights of the accused, guaranteeing a free republic and a respect for due process of law, and

WHEREAS the aforementioned sections of the Act set at naught 900 years of Western jurisprudence, traditions and principles of law reflected in our Constitution, and

WHEREAS theses traditions and principles of law are the cornerstone of our republic, and of the Republican Party, whose traditions in conservatism are aimed at protecting the rights of the individual; therefore let it be

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas reaffirms its dedication to honor both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution of the United States, the preservation of a free republic, the preservation of the rights of due process, and the rejection of the indefinite detention of American Citizens; and let it be further

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas will seek the repeal of the aforementioned sections of the National Defense Authorization Act and that those portions of the unlawful Act be revised and rewritten in such manner as to exclude all words, clauses, or sections whatsoever, that are in violation of the Constitution of the United States.


**PASSED by the Webb County Republican Convention, without amendment, by majority vote.


#4 No Unconstitutional/Undeclared War Resolution***

WHEREAS, The past administrations over the last few years have acted outside of their executive authority as outlined in the Constitution of the United states, and have sent our troops overseas to engage in military operations without proper authorization as given by the People through their representatives in Congress; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that we call on all Presidential Candidates to verify they will never send American troops into foreign territory, invade sovereign nations, or engage in any other act of War without the consent of the American People as given by a Declaration of War through their elected representatives in Congress as expressly mandated in the Constitution of the United States of America; and be it further

RESOLVED, that we call on all Congressional candidates for public office, and those who currently hold office, to demonstrate that they will never cede their responsibility to the citizens they represent by transferring their authority to Declare War to the President by enacting legislation, passing resolution, or any other circumvention of the Constitution.


***This resolution was amended in committee to include the rationalization (WHEREAS), PASSED by the Webb County Republican Convention by majority vote.


UPDATE: Made a change to the resolution on “No Unconstitutional/Undeclared War”, and corrected its notation.