Traces of Reality Radio: “Black Helicopters & Tin Foil Hats”

July 21, 2012 in TOR Radio

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Episode 02: “Black Helicopters & Tin Foil Hats” (2012.07.21)

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On this broadcast, we focus on the Army drills being conducted in Laredo, the border, and the South Texas Region.

Black Army helicopters have been seen flying in formation all over South Texas in the last few weeks.  City of Laredo officials are tight-lipped.

Traces of Reality Radio brings you new information, insight, and commentary on these drills that are flying helicopters over your homes that you will not get on any other local media.


Ruben Garcia: A former Corporal in the Marine Corps, serving from 1992-1996, shares his expertise on military aircraft and the implications of their use within the city of Laredo

Danny Benavides: Writer of “Shadowhawk Drones: More than meets the eye (in the sky)” brings us more information on the Shadowhawk drone technology already being used all over Texas, soon to hit the skies of Laredo.

Links and Articles:

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KRGV: Military Drills Coming to the Valley

Joint Task Force North

UPDATE (07.22.2012)

NOTICE TO CITY OF LAREDO PUBLIC OFFICIALS: As was mentioned on the show, several attempts were made to reach out to our local representatives regarding the drills. There is an open invitation to any City of Laredo, Webb County, or surrounding area, public officials  to come on the show and answer the questions that citizens of Laredo want answered.

NOTICE TO CITIZENS OF LAREDO: Call the Mayor’s office. Call the City Manager’s office. Call your district representative or city councilman. Demand they come on the show and answer the questions. It’s up to you. Let your voices be heard.

City of Laredo – Local Government Directory