Traces of Reality Radio: “Borderland Battlefield” (Ep.03)

Episode 03: “Borderland Battlefield” (2012.07.28)

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On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio, we once again set our sights on the military “drills” in South Texas and focus in on what’s really going on.  The Army’s drills are preparing not just the Army for combat in Afghanistan, but also preparing the people of the border for a complete militarization of their communities in the near future.  Also discussed is the issue of 2nd Amendment rights, as it relates to the Colorado “Batman Massacre” in Aurora – the unanswered questions surrounding the incident and the “anti-gun” narrative that is being pushed on the American people by the national media.  How all of this ties in together in the larger liberty vs. security debate and more, on this week’s episode.


Laredo City Councilman Alejandro Perez Jr.: Representing District III, the City Councilman speaks to Guillermo Jimenez of TORradio to answer questions regarding the drills taking place in South Texas.

Meg Guerra: Owner and publisher of LareDOS: A Journal of the Borderlands.  Meg discusses the military presence on the border, issues regarding border security, the city’s “acquiescence” to federal authorities, and the role of an independent media in today’s society.

Links and Articles:

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Laredo, KGNS, Pro 8 News: Curiosity Grows with Growing Military Presence

UPDATE (07.30.2012):

TORradio is now available on YouTube.  Embedded video added to page.