Secret Laws and Secret Wars

October 20, 2012 in News

The Silent Descent Continues: Tyranny at Home and the World at War


Danny Benavides
October 19, 2012
Traces of Reality

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Independent journalists and bloggers the world wide web over often cite the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA, for short) as one of the most critical domestic issues that continues to go unaddressed in the mainstream press. This particular concern has been raised again over the last week as yet another key topic alongside warrantless surveillance, indefinite detention, an epidemic of military suicides, and global drone warfare, for example, which none of the duopolists seeking the throne in Washington, D.C. will bother discussing in any of the televised national debates.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and Paul Ryan have all voted in favor of the NDAA. In a few instances, Biden pursued a spineless approach and did not cast a vote at all, and although Mitt Romney never had to place a vote for the NDAA in his capacity as governor of Massachusetts, he has repeatedly voiced his support for the monstrosity.

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The NDAA itself, however, is nothing new. The Congress votes on the NDAA annually as part of the usual rigamarole to fund the Military-Industrial Complex and keep America’s defense establishment on the dole, snout deep in the public trough. The NDAA has existed for about three decades or so, and while its purpose is ostensibly to detail the budget and expenditures of the Department of Defense, Americans now know otherwise. Congress is always eager to stuff each bill with unrelated measures in order to see to it that all of the political class gets a cut of the action and that the federal national government expands its power, and the NDAA is no exception.

The most recent iteration of the NDAA, which President Obama signed into law last New Year’s Eve, now surrenders the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments of the United States Constitution. The President and a secretive group of advisors have assumed authority (all by executive fiat) in deciding who lives and dies, and for what reasons, if any. As a result of UAV technology, punishment by death becomes as easy as pushing a button, nary a hair is harmed on the head of the executioner, and warfare achieves total, sterile, technocratic dehumanization.

No one will be held responsible, which suits the unaccountable central authorities just fine. Not that any ink on paper or parchment matters these days. The “public servants” operating as a cabal in D.C. don’t give a damn about law, morality, or common sense.

Most disturbing about the NDAA of 2012, however, is the indefinite scope under which it can be implemented. This murderous, lawless coterie surrounding the Commander-In-Chief may choose to execute Americans or non-Americans anywhere they please. In 21st century Amerika, the “battlefield” can be considered any location in which United States forces or its allies are engaging “our” enemies du jour.

Because U.S. troops have never withdrawn from any combat theater since the Second World War, practically any point on a map can be construed as a so-called battlefield. The rampant rise of Unmanned Systems technology (read: drones) makes worldwide targeting a breeze so Call Of Duty desk jockeys can kill with impunity, via increasingly automated convenience, even if the target can’t be identified and confirmed.

But the horror doesn’t stop there. A “strategy of tension” has been mobilized on the masses to buttress the policy of Full Spectrum Dominance baked into this layer cake of despotism. Each day, Americans across the nation are inundated with new threats and boogeymen to fear, real and unreal. The incessant daily pummeling of the American psyche with Mockingbird Media talking points wrapped in misinformation and disinformation makes following current events a laborious chore; certainly a task that few besides political junkies will voluntarily undertake. In this respect, 24-hour news networks have succeeded in their objective as the Republic amuses itself to death in Huxwellian fashion.

While many remain distracted by the jingling keychain of the Pravda Press, the imperial agendas beneath the surface continue apace unobserved. The most crucial of which is the unacknowledged initiation and continuation of the Third World War.

Following the uninvestigated terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States led the charge to embark on a new sort of war for the new century: One without any specific aim, without any conditions for victory, and enemies whose identities could be altered to suit the ends of the warmakers. Intelligence at that time pointed to alleged hijackers financed mostly by Saudi interests, directed by a Saudi-born CIA asset named Osama bin Laden. Because this one man and his cohorts were tracked to the mountains of Afghanistan, American forces commanded by then-President George W. Bush were deployed to level the country.

If any country wasn’t “with us” it was placed in the crosshairs. (While bombing Sicily to combat the Italian Mafia in New York sounds downright moronic, this exact sort of plan was laid to eliminate the al’Qaeda threat.) Numerous killings and bombings later, the target was nowhere to be found. So off to Iraq marched additional troops, for purposes completely unrelated to the justifiable counterattack in defense of the United States. Despite public statements to the contrary, the U.S. has not ended the Iraq War, but only attempted to decrease its intensity. Cowardly warfare got underway with drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere, to be sure.

In March of 2011, a new continent was invaded in the “War On Terror,” expanding the theater of United States intervention. American forces bombed Libya to oust Muammar Gaddafi on the orders of a United Nations Security Council resolution and the Third World War had begun. There was never an official pronouncement of the event, but any observer with a modest attention span could understand the unlimited breadth of this “Global War On Terror” and what it all means when American despots cast men and women in uniform in nearly every country on Earth to kill and control.

It’s one thing for an ally to accept or request American forces for support, but it’s quite another to invade, attack, and occupy other countries to carry on regime change so capriciously. One must ask, “How would the American people feel about a Chinese overthrow of our country, and the installation of a Russian head of state?” Not happy, and certainly not grateful.

Incidentally, recall that the United States government has been fighting alleged al’Qaeda-affiliated groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan while simultaneously bank-rolling, training, and arming declared al’Qaeda rebels in Libya and Syria. Now that bin Laden is dead, is it really wise for American operatives to assume his role? Won’t anyone in the disgraceful State Department examine the blowback from NATO intervention in Libya, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens?

Politicians profess to act in the interest of national defense or humanitarian aid, but this is a brazen lie. Consider the savage suppression of protestors in Bahrain by current Western-backed emir Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Scores of protestors have been assaulted with tear gas and stun grenades, some have been tortured or gunned down, yet this eruption of violence has been only mildly addressed by the United States government by way of a meaningless inquiry. Even American mainstream press is on the take by the Bahrain government.

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But the primary reason the U.S. turns a blind eye to human rights abuses in Bahrain is because of a strategically important naval base in the country provides the much-coveted springboard from which the imperialist factions of the United States government can plot regime change of Iran.

For anyone keeping track, it is imperative to recall at least a few of the countries which the United States and its proxies (NATO allies, UN “peacekeepers,” etc.) have usurped control (by hook or by crook): Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Georgia, and Turkey. With only a handful of countries excluded, the hegemonic forces of the United States have Iran almost totally surrounded.

Maintaining that strategic stranglehold is undoubtedly a top priority of the war racket and the neoconservative acolytes who agitate for and applaud the barbarism. Bahrain is merely one piece on the Grand Chessboard, and will be absolved of all sins as long as Emir Khalifa bends to the will (and dollars) of his Western masters.

Additionally, the Third World War now quietly includes Iran. Special Forces are now operating in the country with plausible deniability, Israel’s Mossad has assassinated a handful of Iranian nuclear scientists, and recently, Teleprompter-in-Chief Barack H. Obama enacted even tougher, more crippling economic sanctions on Iran. Given the circumstances, and the subsequent rial currency crash, Iran’s government has exercised laudable restraint, but the Official Narrative indicates nothing of the sort. Amusingly, Israel has already crossed the “red line” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew for Iran. Forgotten from the all talking points used to demonize Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the reality that Ahmadinejad will be leaving his office by June of 2013 and cannot seek re-election.

This election will be exploited by Western interests, no doubt, and should be closely watched. There is a dishonorable history between the U.S. and Iran when it comes to presidential politics. The media fervor that intensifies around each UNSC meeting demonstrates the eagerness with which a handful of special interests itch again for regime change. Yet, this is no coincidence. After all, since America’s armed forces take their orders from the U.N. now, it’s much easier for the warmakers to bullshit other politicians at the UNSC than solicit the negligent Congress or the American people.

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If that wasn’t enough, just days ago, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that American troops were sent to Jordan to assist in defending Turkey from a single mortar attack allegedly launched by al’Qaeda-affiliated Syrian rebel fighters (most of whom, interestingly, are not Syrian). At this point, anyone keeping abreast of the geopolitical reality will wonder why the U.S. is now combatting the same rebel forces it has been aiding and abetting for the last couple of years at least.

In effect, the U.S. is fighting against itself via untrustworthy proxies. One can speculate that American political leadership is either absolutely stupid or unrepentantly ruthless. Either proposition reflects poorly on the elite political class. It does, however, keep the balance sheets of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex actors in the black. Propping up defense industry cronies and corrupt financial institutions is the only economy America has left, after all.

Of course, as the Middle East and North Africa absorb a barrage of death and destruction at the hands of Western aggressors, the southern border of the United States is literally exploding with unfathomable violence. While a negligible nuisance (with presumed strategic importance, assure our “leaders”) some 8,000 miles away receives the brunt of U.S. military might, a looming threat along America’s southern border becomes more chaotic as bureaucrats pour gasoline onto a raging inferno.

From all the data, it appears that gun-running/gun-walking courtesy of the ATF for the benefit of one drug cartel in order to neutralize another may not be the best way to fight the War On Drugs. It is just a foolish as, say, shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries in record numbers and squashing any competition to drug cartels, or sending aid to al’Qaeda rebels in Syria and fomenting order out chaos.

If I may be permitted a brief invoking of the indispensable Judge Andrew Napolitano: America, our politicians are liars and crooks of the highest order, and our defense establishment has failed us miserably. Politicians seek self-aggrandizement and are merely ambitious sociopaths. The CIA teaches about “blowback” but seems to have learned nothing. Anyone who questions the effectiveness of American foreign policy is dismissed by the gang in Washington, D.C. or forced into early retirement. Anyone who criticizes the encroaching Police State digital panopticon surveillance society is labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and discarded as an uppity Chicken Little.

The people of the United States expect the Fourth Estate to inform and contextualize current events, but these presstitutes aren’t even allowed to ask the tough questions during the farcical controlled press conferences that pass for presidential debates. So don’t hold your breath. Instead, realize it is YOUR job to keep this government’s minions fearful of We The People. In this day and age, a little courage and a digital camera go a long way. To those of you rEVOLutionaries out there, remember that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Engage in Full Spectrum Resistance. Join, or die.