TORradio #9: “Republicrat Puppet Show as the World Burns”

October 23, 2012 in TOR Radio

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Episode 09: “Republicrat Puppet Show as the World Burns” (2012.10.22)

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Traces of Reality


On this episode of Traces of Reality Radio we turn our attention to the Presidential “debates” and examine the issues that neither candidate is willing to discuss.  We welcome back to the show TOR contributing writer, Danny Benavides, to provide insight into the Presidential election and to discuss his latest article Secret Laws and Secret Wars – a look at the NDAA and the Third World War already underway.


Gawker: Leaked Debate Agreement Shows Both Obama and Romney are Sniveling Cowards

The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns

YouTube – Paul Ryan: ‘Do You Want Barack Obama To Be Re-Elected? Then Don’t Vote For Ron Paul.’

Photos of U.S. and Afghan Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 2012

TOR: Secret Laws and Secret Wars – The Silent Descent Continues


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