TORradio #10: “…And Still To Think You’re Free”

November 15, 2012 in TOR Radio

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Episode 10: “…And Still To Think You’re Free” (2012.11.15)

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Traces of Reality


Another election come and gone and your “leaders” in Washington remain the same – Goldman Sachs and the Military-Industrial Complex.  On this episode of Traces of Reality Radio we analyze the election results, discuss advances in the Liberty movement, new marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington (and their ramifications on the Drug War).  Also, we take an in depth look at the resignation of CIA Director, David Petraeus – Paula Broadwell, Benghazi, Syria, Israel and the CIA – What’s really going on?

tracesofreality traces of reality TOR TORradio podcast guillermo jimenez david petreaus barack obama mitt romney ron paul gary johnson paula broadwell cia libya benghazi syria israel elections drug war marijuana colorado washington prohibition liberty movement revolution



The Ron Paul Revolution Brings In 8 Congressmen

How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters


220 marijuana cases dismissed in King, Pierce counties

Mexico Reacts to Approval of Marijuana Ballot Measures

Mexican pot plans go up in a puff of smoke


Petraeus: Resignation or Sacking?

Covert Affair: Petraeus Caught in the Honeypot?

Petraeus scandal is reported with compelled veneration of all things military

Petraeus investigation ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan

Michael J. Morell: Introducing the CIA’s New Acting Director


Traces of Reality: Benghazigate: The Lies of Libyan Liberation