Government-run Indoctrination Centers with Books

Danny Benavides
Traces of Reality
December 05, 2012


In the last month, Texas indoctrination centers schools have begun to show their true colors.  If the barbed wire fences, metal detectors, thuggish security, and brainwashing in the guise of “education” weren’t enough, a questionable new program has been forcibly implemented in San Antonio’s Northside Independent School District requiring that all enrolled students carry a student ID card with an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking chip.  Papers, please!  Vicky Alger, writing for the Independent Institute, lays it out:

 ”The Northside Independent School District recently launched its controversial “Student Locator Project,” which requires students to carry ID badges equipped with radio frequency tracker chips. If they refuse, they could face fines, “involuntary transfers,” or suspensions.”

As always, this authoritarian move comes under the pretext of safety and efficacy.  “Officials” claim this program will improve attendance (by providing a means by which to track the whereabouts of students), thereby boosting state funding for the administrators by an estimated $2 million.  Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano expects federal courts to side with the school district as concerned families of students challenge the measure, noting this could be the first step down “a dangerous slope” of what he observes as “increasing surveillance by the government or authorities.”

Alger quotes one parent’s remarks from a recent school board meeting, “You are creating prisoners, not model citizens.”

“They’ve reduced our children to inventory,” the parent continued.

“But students, parents, and taxpayers are not waiting around for legislators or judges to act. Some 300 Northside ISD students are refusing to wear their IDs. About 700 more members of the community have signed petitions against micro-chipping students, and parents are pulling their children out of school.”

Bravo, students!  As the biometric surveillance state rears its ugly digital head in the cafeteria, and America’s Founding Fathers are smeared as “terrorists” in the classroom, it’s clear the fight has only just begun.