Traces of Reality 3.0

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Traces of Reality has undergone a bit of a facelift, as you can see.  Aside from the cosmetic improvements, the website will also be changing its format for the better.

Previously, posts and content came more or less on a weekly basis.  But starting with the revisions you see now, expect daily posts from TOR.  We will now be bringing you important news of the day, from a variety of sources, categorized by relevance for convenience.  As before, expect articles within TOR to contain necessary context and recommended further reading.

The Traces of Reality Radio podcast will resume with a consistent weekly schedule beginning in January, and some very important and exciting news in this regard will be unveiled soon…

Point your web browsers to TOR each day to get your fill of what you need to know concerning the continued rise of the surveillance and police state, Orwellian tech, borderland conflicts, global economic calamity, politricks and so much more.  If it’s important and it’s within the orbit of the epic struggle of liberty versus tyranny, expect it here – expect it often.

Additionally, be sure to follow us on Facebook and on Twitter (Guillermo is @tracesofreality, Danny is @memorywhole) to keep your info arsenal locked and loaded.

Readers of TOR, listeners of TORradio, and viewers of TORtv: Thank you all for your continued support. This cannot be accomplished without you and your commitment to the truth. After all, it is We the People who are now in check – it’s our move.

-GJ & DB

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