Obama’s Cabinet to be reshaped in second term

December 9, 2012


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U.S. President Barack Obama is likely to radically reshape his Cabinet and senior advisers at the start of his second term In January, as many trusted officials step down after long tenures through stressful periods at top jobs.

Following is a list of the most-watched Obama Cabinet and senior staff, whether they are likely to remain in office, and possible replacements.

**Department of State — Secretary Hillary Clinton

Clinton, one of the most popular members of Obama’s Cabinet, has held the post since the start of the president’s first administration and has said she will step down in January.

Possible replacements:


Kerry, the unsuccessful 2004 Democratic presidential nominee and chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would bring decades of experience. He was a Navy lieutenant during the Vietnam War, where he won awards for bravery, and after returning home became a prominent opponent of the war.

But his selection could leave Democrats to defend a U.S. Senate seat against the just-defeated but still-popular Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, who lost a close race to Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren in November.


Tough-minded and already immersed in the most important international issues of the day, Rice is widely regarded as one of Obama’s most capable surrogates with a direct line into the White House.

But she has been fiercely attacked by Republicans over her public statements describing the deadly September 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, as the result of a spontaneous demonstration rather than a planned terrorist act. Her critics say her comments were politically motivated and misled the public. Obama has repeated his trust in her.


Donilon, Obama’s national security adviser, has been both a government official and a Washington lawyer. He is seen as an insider who could align the State Department tightly with White House priorities for a second Obama term.

While Donilon could be an effective manager, some analysts say he may not have the charisma for the kind of high-wattage public diplomacy that has marked Clinton’s tenure.

**Department of the Treasury — Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Geithner has been Obama’s Treasury secretary since the beginning and has held steady under intense pressure as he orchestrated and publicly defended the administration’s response to the financial crisis.

Geithner has said he wants to step down but is expected to stay until mid-January to help the administration forge a deal with Congress to avoid looming abrupt tax hikes and spending cuts referred to as the “fiscal cliff.”

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TOR note: No matter how this revolving door circle-jerk game of musical chairs plays out, expect more of the usual control-freak interventionism in all affairs foreign and domestic.  For example, peruse these astounding Venn diagrams to get an idea of how the “administrators”/”officials” of the welfare/warfare state enrich and benefit themselves at the expense of us Mundanes.  The less positions the federal government has to fill, the better off this country is, frankly. – DB