Australian spies demand immunity to ‘infiltrate, train’ with terrorist groups

New Kerala
December 28, 2012


The Security Industrial Complex is always seeking new markets

The Security Industrial Complex is always seeking new markets
PHOTO: Associated Press

Intelligence officials in Australia are demanding legal immunity to infiltrate and train with terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.

The Attorney-General’s Department wants to authorise Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) agents and informants to provide training to, or be trained by, terrorists in covert missions.

Bur agents risk criminal prosecution for ‘associating covertly with targets’ even if they are collecting intelligence.

According to the Australian, a department spokeswoman said ASIO officers wanted the same legal immunity granted to police working undercover.

She pointed out that in order to obtain intelligence on threats to security, it may sometimes be necessary for ASIO to engage in an authorised way with individuals who may be involved in criminal activity.

According to the paper, the Attorney-General’s Department also wants agents from Australia’s overseas spy agency, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, to be allowed to conduct weapons training with police and military officers, including soldiers or police from the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

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TOR note:  The Global War On Terror™ is truly the gift that keeps on giving: Vast wealth and power for politically-connected or government-sanctioned mercenaries, death and misery for the people caught in the crossfire.  At what point will the Western world admit the falsity/insanity of this crusade against anonymous, ideological, militant non-state actors known as the War on Terror?  The intelligence professionals in Australia aspire to incite violent radicals just like America’s CIA and FBI, evidently.  -DB