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Traces of Reality
December 29, 2012


tracesofreality traces of reality TOR TORradio Radio Podcast guillermo jimenez RBN Republic Broadcasting Network Live station affiliateWe are pleased to announce that beginning January 5, 2013, TOR Radio will be joining the fastest growing truth radio network in the country, Republic Broadcasting Network, based in Austin, Texas.

The show will air LIVE every Saturday from 5PM to 7PM, on 4 AM/FM affiliate stations across the country and can also be live-streamed on the internet via and

We are very exciting to be taking this giant step forward and begin to bring TOR to a much larger audience.  RBN has a long history of great radio programming and we are proud be part of a line-up that includes John Stadtmiller’s “The National Intel Report”, Michael Rivero’s “What Really Happened”, and James Corbett’s “The Corbett Report”, among others.

Subscribers to the TORradio Podcast will still be able to listen to and watch the show through the podcast RSS feed, iTunes and YouTube, as it will be made available for download within 1-2 days of the original broadcast.

For all the latest, make sure to join us every week, Saturdays from 5-7PM, as we bring you the most important news, insight, commentary, local and nationally recognized guests – and now, you too can join in on the discussion by calling-in to the show LIVE on the air (at 800-313-9443).

The goal remains the same – to expose corruption, unmask the puppet-masters, preach the gospel of liberty , and dismantle the 21st century high-tech tyranny apparatus.  Join us, and help us spread this message.

Remember, it’s our move.


Note:  TORradio is in need of sponsors.  If you or your business is interested in advertising on and Traces of Reality Radio on RBN, please write to for advertising rates and packages.