Traces of Reality Radio: January 5th 2013 – Live on RBN #1

Episode 11: Live on RBN #1 (January 5, 2013)

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Traces of Reality


Traces of Reality Radio goes LIVE for the first time on this inaugural episode on Republic Broadcasting Network.  Joined by Danny Benavides, TOR Contributor and regular guest, we discuss a host of issues including the increased use of internal checkpoints, domestic surveillance drones, the NDAA 2013, the President’s “Disposition Matrix” (Kill List), the 2nd Amendment and much more.  This first show on RBN also serves as introduction to Traces of Reality for those many listeners who tuned in to TOR Radio for the very first time.  Just what is Traces of Reality? Who is Guillermo Jimenez? Listen to this past Saturday’s show to find out!

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San Juan gang checkpoints weigh civil rights, public safety

Border Patrol Opens Unmanned Crossing on U.S.-Mexico Border

NDAA Signed Into Law By Obama Despite Guantanamo Veto Threat, Indefinite Detention Provisions

Let’s Abandon the Constitution, Says Professor