DEA Busts Billion-dollar Drug Trafficking Operation Involving Canadian Mafia, Hells Angels, and Sinaloa Cartel

Daily Mail
January 17, 2013


Bricks of cocaine with the signature scorpion of the Sinaloa cartelCourt documents reveal a huge network of drug dealers that included outlaw bikers, the Canadian Mafia and a Mexican drug cartel responsible for supplying New York City with nearly a billion dollars in marijuana was taken down by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Canadian authorities.

The illicit network’s ringleader is French Canadian drug kingpin Jimmy ‘Cosmo’ Cournoyer, authorities say.

Cournoyer was caught last spring after stepping off a jet in Mexico.

A five-year probe carried out by the DEA and police from Laval, Quebec, where Cournoyer once lived, shows that his network allegedly specialized in growing and distributing potent hydroponic marijuana harvested in British Columbia, according to the New York Post.

The supply of marijuana under his authority was transported in motor homes and trucks across Canada with aid from the Hells Angels, authorities said.

The biker gang and the Montreal mob then smuggled the marihuana from Quebec into upstate New York, where trucks delivered it to a warehouse in Brooklyn, authorities and sources said.

Cournoyer, 33, reportedly earned enough from his illegal operations to fund a lavish lifestyle, including model girlfriend, Amelia Racine, and extravagant parties that attracted unknowing celebrities, Leonardo DiCaprio among them.

Cournoyer is now awaiting trial in Brooklyn federal court for organizing the ‘vast international drug-trafficking enterprise that has been in existence for more than a decade,’ prosecutor Steven Tiscione wrote in recent court papers.

‘The illegal narcotics distributed worldwide by members of the criminal enterprise have a retail value of more than $1 billion, conservatively,’ Tiscione wrote.

The Canadian kingpin had attempted to throw off surveillance teams in Quebec by hiding his expensive Bugatti Veyron in a garage and driving around in a Porsche Cayenne owned by his girlfriend Racine, a Canadian-Brazilian brunette who has worked modelling gigs in Europe, sources told the Post.

Cournoyer’s gal pal’s jailed brother, Mario Racine, was allegedly acting as the kingpin’s trusted lieutenant.

Mario Racine is now awaiting extradition to stand trial with his boss in Brooklyn, officials say.

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