Traces of Reality Radio: January 26, 2013

Episode 14: Live on RBN #4 (January 26, 2013)

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Traces of Reality


Guests: Rick Coker, Danny Benavides, and James Corbett (via prerecorded interview)

Today on Traces of Reality: We are joined by Rick Coker, a long-haul truck driver from Florida who was detained at the warrantless, suspicionless, Nazi-esque checkpoint 40 miles north of Laredo, TX for over an hour, simply for knowing and asserting his rights.  Mr. Coker shares his story with us, explains why he decided to refuse to comply at the checkpoint and shares his point of view on the growing nationwide trend of exchanging freedom for security.  In the second hour, Danny Benavides joins in for our TOR Week in Review segment to go over local and national news and headlines, and we air a portion of the interview with James Corbett of the The Corbett Report.  All this, your calls, questions and comments and much more on Traces of Reality Radio.

NOTE: Mr. Coker is interested in seeking legal action in response to being detained at the CBP/DHS checkpoint for more than an hour with nothing more than his silence as the cause for his detention.  As a result of the altercation, Mr. Coker’s employment with the trucking company has been terminated. If you or someone you know is able to assist him in this cause, please contact us at or Rick directly at

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Indonesia sentences to death U.K. grandmother caught with 8.4lbs of cocaine sewn into suitcase

Big Media Discovers US Special Ops are Targeting Mexican Crime Organizations

Merida Initiative

Wikileaks STRATFOR emails, via The Pirate Bay

Northcom Pursues Closer Engagement With Mexico

Borderland to Battlefield: Army “Drills” Prepare People for Complete Militarization of the Border

San Juan gang checkpoints weigh civil rights, public safety

TSA does surprise check at Lamar Boulevard Amtrak

TSA ‘Viper’ team makes appearance in Emeryville

Insight: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot

Fight erupts at St. Louis food stamp office [VIDEO]


Resisting Tyranny in CheckPoint City, USA

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