TSA Abandons Pretense of Transportation Safety: “We Have Been Told To Save Ourselves” During Mass Shooting, Says Screener

Raven Clabough
The New American
January 30, 2013


According to the Washington Times, the Department of Homeland Security is reportedly training Transportation Security Administration checkpoint screeners in preparation for a possible mass shooting at one of the agency’s security checkpoints.

According to the Times,

It is unclear whether the TSA is conducting the reported mass shooting scenario training at airports around the nation or only at the airport where our source, a veteran of the TSA, is assigned. The TSA source claims with obvious concern that his own life, along with the lives of other unarmed TSA personnel, would be in grave danger were an airport checkpoint shooting to unfold.

The source, who has already undergone the agency training, asserted that it created a chilling scenario that has instilled fear that something may unfold: “Every day when I arrive for work, I look for an escape route in case someone opens fire. We have been told to save ourselves.”

The training has compelled some to ask whether the TSA has intelligence of a possible impending checkpoint shooting.

The Times added that it is “unclear whether the alleged training is simply a prudent attempt by the agency to protect its own employees from every imaginable contingency,” referencing the 2009 Christmas Day “Underwear Bomber” as a “reason to pay close attention to the details of Homeland Security’s operations.” According to Wikipedia, the so-called Underwear Bomber, Umar Abdulmutallab, “attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear” while onboard a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The Times notes that a witness who saw Abdulmutallab board the flight has suggested that U.S. government agents permitted him to do so while knowing he was a threat to safety:

Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell, a 2012 Democratic Congressional candidate who lost to incumbent Tim Walberg (R-MI), stated by way of a Victim Impact Statement during Abdulmutallab’s sentencing hearing in federal court that while he and his wife Lori waited to board the flight in Amsterdam, he observed a well-dressed man help the bomber board the flight without a passport.

Haskell is convinced that “a federal agent gave Abdulmutallab a defective bomb to carry onto the plane to create an incident that would cause the government to install full body scanners at airports nationwide,” according to USA Today.

Haskell stated, “Regardless of how media and government try to shape this case, I am convinced that Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. agent.”

Upon hearing about the TSA training for a checkpoint shooting, he told the Washington Times that it “doesn’t surprise me at all,” adding that he feared the government may be planning another attack.

“As a first-hand eyewitness to a proven false-flag attack, I know that the government does stage fake attacks to further governmental policy,” he declared.

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Traces of Reality:  At the same time as this story was making headlines, TSA head John Pistole actually referred to the blueshirted goons as “the gold standard of aviation security, because of all the layers.”  It’s vague as to whether Pistole was referring to the layers of security-theater hoops the TSA forces travelers to jump through, or the layers of clothing these gloved molestors slither beneath to harass the public, cop-a-feel on your wife, or steal your stuff.  If it wasn’t yet obvious… the terrorists won, America.  -DB