Truck Driver Unlawfully Detained at Internal Checkpoint For Over an Hour

Traces of Reality
January 31, 2012



Rick Coker, a long-haul truck driver from Florida was unlawfully detained at an internal CBP/DHS (warrantless, suspicionless, Nazi-esque) checkpoint, approximately 40 miles north of Laredo, Texas, for over an hour.

He was told by CBP officials that they hate it when people try and assert their rights at these checkpoints and are sick of knowledgeable citizens questioning their authority – they claimed they could hold him there until “hell freezes over”.

If you would like to learn more about what took place at this checkpoint that was not shown in this video – a series of events that led to the termination of Mr. Coker’s employment with the trucking company – why he wasn’t able to return home for 6 days – why this was indeed an unlawful detention, and why Mr. Coker is now seeking legal action/assistance -

Watch our interview on Traces of Reality Radio – January 26, 2013:


Also watch our interview with Ben Winograd, an attorney for the American Immigration Council – an expert in the law regarding these checkpoints. He explains what is required of you at a checkpoint and what is required of CBP to detain you past what is considered a reasonable time of “3 to 5 minutes”:

TOR Radio #5: “Checkpoints Revisited and Tyranny Defined” – Interview with Ben Winograd, Attorney for The American Immigration Council (Beginning at minute 16)


The video footage of the checkpoint was originally posted on Rick Coker’s channel in two parts:

Part 1 and Part 2

From Rick’s Video Post:
“I was never given a reason for being detained other than my refusal to answer their questions. I was never allowed to continue on my way. They called my employer to come and take me back south. I was eventually terminated by my employer and I was not able to return to my home in Florida until 6 days later. I spoke to several agents for the CBP and was treated terribly by all of them. I was told that they “are sick and tired of people standing up for their Constitutional Rights”.”