Ron Paul Tweet Ruffles Feathers, Quoting Christ Enrages “Conservatives” Again

Ryan McMaken
February 7, 2013


War-lovers outraged.  …Need I even point out the origin of this quotation? These words were used by Jesus to rebuke Saint Peter who was attempting to defend Jesus from clear and present danger. RP’s tweet uses the quotation in exactly the spirit that the words were originally spoken.

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Remember that time Ron Paul used the Golden Rule to explain his foreign policy? Conservatives booed him for that. So who can be surprised that conservatives have been falling all over themselves to condemn Ron Paul for quoting Jesus – in correct context, by the way – to note that the violence wrought by over a decade of nonstop war in America leads to tragedy on the home front?

"Lockstep" by Ben Garrison

“Lockstep” by Ben Garrison

Every neocon pundit and middle-American red-blooded conservative took a few minutes out from running around shrieking “boo-yah” and polishing his dually F-250 to be outraged that someone dared suggest that a government employee wasn’t a holy relic.

The Daily Caller was the first to the show, posting Paul’s twitter post without comment and allowing the comment box to quickly fill with outraged Republicans who were dismayed that anyone would not endorse every action of every single taxpayer-funded soldier who ever drew a bead on some dirt-poor 12-year-old child-soldier 10,000 miles away. Others soon piled on.

The most transparent were the conservatives who claimed to be former supporters of Paul who must now go support some more “patriotic” politician: One who doesn’t actually question anything the military does.

One member at said “‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’ is what the dumbest, stupidest, most delusional people around here would say. There’s no way that Ron actually said this. Ugh. How said [sic] and pathetic.”

That seems to be the general reaction one gets from conservatives about the Golden Rule also.

Most of these sunshine patriots who now whine that Ron Paul has lost their support, wouldn’t ever have supported Ron Paul in the first place if Obama weren’t in office. Had Ron Paul run against a GOP incumbent, most of these timid and prevaricating “opponents” of big government would have condemned Paul for questioning the glorious deeds of “our” Commander-in-Chief. Among conservatives, Ron Paul has only ever had minority support, for in the end, conservatives love government, as exhibited by their latest outrage. They just love it in a slightly different way from the left liberals.

As I’ve noted before, the Tea Party movement, and most conservatives who pretend to be for small government, only act when there’s a Democrat in office. During eight years of Bush shredding the constitution, spending money like there was no tomorrow, and inflating the money supply with his pals at the central bank, no conservative would walk ten feet to protest the federal government. But about five minutes after Obama was sworn in, the Tea Party protests swelled into a huge disingenuous show that will evaporate five minutes after any Republican is sworn into office, assuming the GOP can actually win a national election with one of the out-of-touch never-had-a-real-job rich boys they insist on nominating.

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Traces of Reality:  As George P. Bush (Poppy’s grandson, Dubya’s newphew) was cancelling his photo-op with the superstar sniper, aspiring politician Rand Paul was quick to kowtow to the war-obsessed death-worshippers that still comprise the bulk of GOP loyalists, proving that he can play the game unlike his stubborn, principled father.  In a follow-up statement, Ron Paul advised that promoting peace abroad just may alleviate violence here at home.  Like Dr. Paul’s on-stage takedown of Rudy Giuliani during the second round of debates amid the 2008 election, and then his courageous defense of the Golden Rule in the last go-round, this latest transgression of the Statist Quo reveals the extent to which American politics has been reduced to know-nothing groupthink.  -DB