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Traces of Reality
March 17, 2013


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Episode 21: Live on RBN #11 (March 16, 2013)
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Traces of Reality


Guests: Danny Benavides

Today on Traces of Reality Radio: Joined by Danny Benavides, we discuss the rise of Rand Paul and ponder the lingering question with regard to Rand’s political tactics: do they ends justify the means?  We examine the strategic rhetoric within Paul’s most recent speeches at the Heritage Foundation, the 13-hour filibuster on the Senate floor and at CPAC 2013. Focusing on the specific use of language, we discuss the ramifications of such rhetoric (both positive and negative), and get strong opinions from the audience.

Also on the program, we revisit the pervasive issue of the global “war on drugs” and its many consequences.  We discuss the global drug trade, the resulting police state (checkpoints), government complicity, violence along the border, the massive gun battle in Reynosa (border of McAllen, Texas), and how the drug war may be used in connection with Washington’s targeted killing program.  All this and many more important issues on this week’s TOR Radio.

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