TOR Radio: March 30, 2013 (Melissa del Bosque)

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March 31, 2013


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Episode 23: Live on RBN #13 (March 30, 2013)
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Traces of Reality


Guest: Melissa del Bosque

Today on TOR Radio: During the first hour, we are joined by Melissa del Bosque, a writer for the Texas Observer since 2008. We discuss the case of the Panama Unit – the corrupt group of police officers caught running drugs for cartels in South Texas – and also the broader issues of the drug war, the corruption within government and law enforcement that it breeds, and the effect on civil liberties.

In the second hour of the show, we are joined by Danny Benavides, writer for Traces of Reality, frequent guest and friend of the show. We discuss the case of Omar Figueredo, a NY Resident and US citizen who was arrested in Brownsville, Texas for refusing to answer questions at an internal checkpoint. Also, the Monsanto Protection Act, what it means, the latest on CIA involvement in Syria and much more.


Melissa del Bosque – Texas Observer

The Shadow of the Son

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