His Life Threatened: “ValorXTamaulipas” Disappears from Facebook and Twitter

Borderland Beat
April 3, 2013


Valor Por Tamaulipas Facebook Twitter Mexico Texas Drug War CartelsThis past February the organized crime offered 600 thousand Mexican Pesos(about 50000 USD) to anyone who gave information about the creator of Valor Por Tamaulipas. The objective: “To shut his mouth”.
The social network accounts of “Valor por Tamaulipas” that used to give alert about risky situations along Tamaulipas state disappeared.

Twitter´s account @ValorTamaulipas and its Facebook page which contained citizen reports where deleted and at this moment the reasons are unknown.

Note from Chivis:  In todays issue of La Jornada they referenced VXT other FB page however some are saying it is not real, at this time I would caution posted anything of it or any other attributed to VXT.  others believe it is the same person because it was formed a month ago, this cryptic message appeared today:

“because of the risk that means I’m done with this page (the original), I decided to create this one, so that if the first page is blocked somehow this new page will still work sending possible SDR (risk situations) that may occur, please follow me

Proceso is reporting the twitter page @RespXTamaulipas is the new page as the admin for forced to closed the others due to insecurity.  Link HERE

Here is the coordinating FB PAGE and admin message ( bing translated):

Public opinion: in relation to the suspension of accounts on Twitter and Facebook user value by Tamaulipas; We inform the following: it was recently made public, threats against our colleague, which at the time were evaluated and analyzed to determine the veracity of them.

In recent months, the collaboration of our partner’s cause was diminished also by labor issues that they demanded his time. Rarely had to momentarily suspend its SDR releases by such circumstances.

In addition, at certain times; He also showed his courage and enthusiasm to continue to participate actively, to inform and protect citizens Tamaulipas, also joining charity campaigns and some other altruistic character were added to the cause of serving the community.

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