Tomorrow on TOR Radio: John Bush and Fergus Hodgson

Traces of Reality
April 5, 2013

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Tomorrow on TOR Radio: During the first hour, we’re joined by John Bush, a native Austinite, host of Rise Up Radio, liberty activist, and Executive Director of The Center for Natural Living.  We’ll be discussing his activism in Austin, Texas, the run-ins with the Austin Police Department (and the strangeness of the circumstances surrounding them), the liberty movement, Agorism, and his work with The Center for Natural Living.

Also on the program, in the second hour, is Fergus Hodgson, host of The Stateless Man radio program and a policy adviser for The Future of Freedom Foundation. Among the topics of discussion will be his work in the pursuit of liberty, the importance of freedom of movement, and issues regarding immigration, including some of the problems with the current national debate as it stands.

Tune in tomorrow, Saturday, April 6, 5-7PM Central on RBN!