All Your Kids Are Belong To Us

Harry P.
April 8, 2013


The “hive,” “Borg,” collectivism mindset, whatever you want to call it, is continuing to grow. Watch the video below.



Was your response after watching this video utter disgust? Congratulations, you might be a person who believes in freedom and responsibility.

Your children are not your responsibility; they are society’s responsibility. This idea is the same as “it takes a village to raise a child.”  That philosophy is destructive to family, community and freedom.  $12k per student per year isn’t enough of an investment?  It isn’t enough because education isn’t the goal of the education system.  Complete adherence to your owners’ (aka “leaders & politicians”) decrees and the dissolution of true liberty is the goal.  This is why the education system is so important to the statists, brainwash the kids early and in a few generations the vast majority will be compliant sheeple.  It is not an education system, it is a training system.

This is the same mindset that propagates ideas that your health is everyone’s responsibility.  This leads to Obamacare, forced vaccinations and politicians like “lil’ hitler” Bloomberg banning sugary drinks of a certain size.  Mark my words, the 2nd Amendment will be attacked again and it will viewed in terms of a public health hazard.  Our politicians will need to “do something.”  This ”village” idea is also the basis for why wealth needs to be forcibly collected and redistributed, because it really isn’t the owner’s, it is society’s and must be distributed fairlyIf you are forced to be part of a tribe or village then you are a slave.

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