Houston Neighborhood Opts for Private Security Firm Over Houston Police Department

Derrick Broze
April 10, 2013


Seal SecurityThe Sharpstown Civic Association has been in business with Seal Security since November 2012.

Seal Security works alongside volunteers from the Civic Associations Safety & Security Committee. The security firm is focusing on property crimes, such as burglaries, thefts, and auto thefts. According to the Civic Associations early reports there has been a reduction in “house break-ins.” They also say that the neighborhood, Seal Security and the Houston Police Department “are sharing information to identify, locate, and arrest those suspected of criminal activity inside the subdivision.”

The Seal “officers” are armed like the standard police officer, complete with their own K-9 units. Three to four officers patrol the streets at one time. And they have apparently been out competing HPD. The Seal Security firm are offering their services at half the cost and double the speed.

According to KHOU:

“When a young mother in the neighborhood was recently stabbed multiple times in front of her children, a Seal security officer was the first to arrive on scene.

“Our guy was on duty making a routine patrol. He comes around the corner and was flagged down, sees the assault, draws his weapon and breaks it up,” said Jim Bigham, president of the Sharpstown Civic Association.

Bigham says the measure has saved the association roughly $200,000, while giving residents added peace of mind.”

While the Seal Security team is currently working with the Houston Police Department, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the market was freed and private security firms such as Seal would out compete HPD. Either HPD would improve their services or cease to exist.

As of now the police maintain a monopoly on force and violence. They are the defenders of the state and the status quo. Every citizen who pays taxes funds their local police department. You pay for their gas, their weapons, their clothes, and sign their checks. Despite this fact most police officers do not treat the average person on the street as their greatest benefactor, but instead as another piece of their quota.

When police officers abuse, or murder individuals we often find the officer receiving little to no punishment, and occasionally paid vacation. When an officer intrudes on a home and kills the family dog we are handed nothing but excuses for the officers fear. In neither of these situations is the victim repaid or an effort made to satisfy the families of the lost individual.

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