Mexican Crime Monitoring Facebook Page, Valor Por Tamaulipas, Closes Permanently

Borderland Beat
April 10, 2013


Just as I was wrapping up this post, Proceso broke a story the VXT is posting  SDR reports which had ceased on April 1.  There was no announcement of any type in conjunction with the action, perhaps he wanted people to have safety reports up to the end?   Paz, Chivis

Valor Por Tamaulipas Closes PermanentlySix days ago, the social network page “value Tamaulipas” operating in social networking security that  disseminated information that dealt with situations of violence in that state, shut down its pages on Facebook and Twitter without previous warning or any official explanation.

The “VXT” site which acted like a community space and rapidly won over followers in the social networks for its work on behalf of the safety of Tamaulipians.  On Sunday explained in a notice through Facebook that the decommissioning of the sites will happen in the next nine days, and that he will not give any more effort to community pages related to situations of violence and also, offers a an apology to the citizens for not being able to continue with his work.

The administrator of those accounts, both in Facebook, as in Twitter, explained that he disclaims any involvement in these activities: “I don’t participate, nor collaborate, nor am I aware of who or why began those efforts” [speaking of clone FB and Twitter pages claiming to be VXT], he adds, running a citizen safety page is a large responsibility, especially if it is a good person.

The person who ran the page had no help at all from the government, or police entities. He would inform with reports coming from citizens that would raise the complaints. Also, he would make real-time reports regarding events as they were happening, asking for more information and despite not always having confirmed data, there was something that would recur with the majority of the posts: he asks the page followers to take precautions, warning them to be careful.

Also, he alerts his followers about new page creations  with the same style and he asked not to totally trust them, he then insinuated that these might have other motives: You can’t trust the first page that goes out saying that they follow the footsteps of VxT, you can only trust with time, evaluating what’s posted and with what reason would they post those things in the way that they do.

The administrator affirms  that designated users to be consulted  in case “VxT” disappears.  “ I can’t retire peacefully, knowing the risks that they are getting in for collaborating openly with people who take advantage of the situation. In reality in social networks there are no honest spaces or users of which you might think there are and the consequences of collaborating with the wrong person can be disastrous.”Valor Por Tamaulipas Closes - Message

Also he writes of a user he invited as an administrator for the page “Valor por Tamaulipas”, but he finally found out that she had ties with the Gulf Cartel of Tamaulipas and with federal authorities and he reported about supposed agreements that this cartel had with government institutions in exchange of information.

“I understood how the Gulf Cartel of that region reached  high-level agreements  with government institutions collaborating with information of criminals from rival groups and  the main reason why it is allowed for the Gulf Cartel of Tampico to do whatever it pleases with the people for information regarding the other groups. That person had years as an icon in the reports of citizen safety pages, and if it wasn’t for some missed encounters that made me doubt and after confirming these situations, I would’ve been collaborating with that person without knowing what she would do.”

He said that for fear of the space being used incorrectly, he decided to close the page, without noticing that other similar pages were opened claiming that the administrator of “VxT” participated in their creation.

I don’t want to let anyone else in to run the page, for the fear I have of them utilizing this page incorrectly, also I don’t know if anyone else would put the same effort into it as I, or that from here in a year the conditions of that person haven’t changed as to put the people at risk, I thought of it as most adequate, to close the page and simply disappear.

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