TOR Radio: April 13, 2013 (Larry Pinkney)

Traces of Reality
April 14, 2013


Larry Pinkney TOR Radio April 13, 2103Traces of Reality Radio hosted by Guillermo Jimenez

Episode 25: Live on RBN #15 (April 13, 2013)

Traces of Reality



Guests: Larry Pinkney (Hour 1), and Danny Benavides (Hour 2)

Today on Traces of Reality Radio: In the first hour, we welcome back Mr. Larry Pinkney, a veteran of the original Black Panther Party, a political prisoner and victim of COINTELPRO, activist and author. Larry shares some great insight on the dangers of “internalizing our own oppression”, the myths of “conspiracy theory”, and the truth behind the DHS stockpiling arms and ammunition, while asking you to remain DOCILE and DISARMED.

Also, in the second hour, Danny Benavides joins us to talk about gun control, Bitcoin, virtual currencies, pros and cons, collectivist/statist propaganda in the media (MSNBC: “All Your Kids Belong to Us”), and a lot more.


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