“False Flag Terror” Ops Don’t Wear Uniforms

Guillermo Jimenez
Traces of Reality
April 23, 2013


Craft International at Boston MarathonThe “mystery men” in matching black and khaki uniforms present at the Boston Marathon the day of the bombing were the topic of much discussion and speculation last week — heavy on the speculation.  In article after article (after article, after article, over and over again–and here, here and here), these men became the focus of attention in certain sectors of the “alternative media” that were all too quick to cast them as the lead actors in a high profile “false flag terror” operation.

The men were first identified by some in the alternative media as Navy Seals, then members of The Craft (or Craft International), then simply “contractors” or mercenaries of some type, but always as part of the plot.

Since then, the identity of the men in black and khaki have been correctly identified and confirmed to be members of a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, that were indeed pre-scheduled to be at the event.  In fact, CSTs are routinely deployed at high-profile events where large groups of people are to be gathered.

It appears, Keelan Balderson of WideShut was among the first (if not, the first) to correctly identify the men as members of CST last Friday, April 19th.

A Daily Paul post also made this connection around the same time.

We went on-air with this on Traces of Reality Radio, last Saturday, April 20th, in an interview with Tom Secker of InvestigatingTheTerror.com, debunking The Craft connection, the “drills” (more on that later), and critically examining the alleged FBI links.

Even Infowars has had to admit who these men really were in an article published on Sunday, April 21st — what that means for an elaborate “false flag terror” scenario including Navy Seals, The Craft, or other mercenaries, remains to be seen.

Putting aside the fact that in order for an event to qualify as a “false flag” it must be first blamed on a flag — a nation, group or entity — and to date it has not been blamed on anyone other than two individuals acting alone (but why let pesky little things like facts and meanings get in the way), this angle of the story had glaring problems from its inception.

Black and Khaki Mystery Men Identified CST Craft International Blackwater Mercenaries Contractors Boston Bombing False Flag

Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team at the Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013 | “CST” visibly printed on the back of their vests

For starters, why those who were pushing The Craft as the mostly likely culprits in the Boston Bombing didn’t stop to ask themselves, “Why would agents executing a false flag operation show up the day of the event in matching uniforms?” is beyond me.

While it was, and continues to be, important to raise questions regarding the photographs of dubious individuals present at the Boston Marathon Bombing, including the men of black and khaki, as many did, including TOR, it seems incredibly irresponsible to have run with such a flimsy story and draw definitive conclusions.

As Tom Secker so succinctly put it in his article last week, “This isn’t journalism, it’s just attention-seeking bullshit.”

In this regard, certain sectors of the so-called “alternative media” are as much to blame as the corporate mainstream media.

As consumers of information it is perfectly natural, normal, even logical to gravitate toward information that support our own biases.  The same, unfortunately, can be said for the creators of news and information — perfectly natural, normal and logical to provide their listeners, viewers or readers with the information they want.

For example, avid viewers of Fox News were fed ready-made storylines blaming the bombings on radical Muslim extremists — jihadis bent on the destruction of America.  Fans of MSNBC were treated to elaborate narratives placing the blame on right-wing, tea party, Patriot “nutjobs”. And if when you heard about the bombings, your mind immediately began wondering if the government had anything to do with it, well, there’s a place for that too.

The United States government (or criminal elements therein) has engaged in false flag terror operations in the past — that much is certain.  The FBI does indeed, routinely, fund, aid and foster terrorist plots.  However, the reality is, not every high profile criminal act, mass murder, or “terrorist act” is a government op (and when it is, it’s not always the US government). To suggest that it is, is as irresponsible or as intellectually lazy as suggesting it’s always Muslim or right-wing extremists.

While further investigative works needs to be done and more information will surely surface, at present, the Boston Marathon Bombing lacks many of the typical tell-tale signs of a US staged terror event.  For one thing, the official story took several days to fully develop, where in a false flag type scenario suspects (or patsies), their motives and what the response should and will be, is scripted well in advance and rolled out almost immediately.

This doesn’t rule out the possibility entirely, but other just as plausible possibilities remain. The Tsarnaev brothers’ background, the FBI link, the questionable sources of information and the foreign government that established that link, continue to be the most important piece of the puzzle. In fully investigating these connections, that is where the truth will come out.