TOR Radio: April 27, 2013 (Boston Bombing, Uncle Ruslan, Graham Fuller and the CIA)

Traces of Reality
April 27, 2013


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Episode 27: Live on RBN #17 (April 27, 2013)

Traces of Reality



Guests: Danny Benavides

Joined by Danny Benavides, writer and contributor for, we break down what we know so far about the Boston Marathon Bombing.  We discuss Danny’s latest aricle “Lighting the Fuse: What do We Know About the Tsarnaev Brothers“, the background and family history of the accused bombers, their known associates and questionable connections.

Also, we address much of the misinformation (and disinformation) circulating on the internet regarding the event, and focus on the big picture from a global perspective (the “great game”, the Grand Chessboard).  Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s and his Uncle Ruslan’s (Ruslan Tsarni, formerly Ruslan Tsarnaev) confirmed connections to the CIA, Graham Fuller – a relative through marriage and high level CIA operative, what it means, possible motives and how events in Russia and Syria this past week provide a deeper context.

We also address how the police and surveillance state stands to gain from this event, and lot more, including many of your calls live on the air.



Lighting the Fuse: What do We Know About the Tsarnaev Brothers

TOR Radio: April 20, 2013 (Pasha Roberts, Tom Secker)

Tom Secker: Boston Bombings Bullshit

The Boston Bombings – From Russia with ‘Love’?

“False Flag Terror” Ops Don’t Wear Uniforms

DETAILS EMERGE (The “trees”)

Serious Contradictions About Bomber’s Throat Wounds from MSM and the Police SWAT Team That Apprehended Him

Officials: Boston suspect had no firearm when barrage of bullets hit hiding place

Facial-recognition tech played no role in ID’ing bomb suspects

Breaking Info on Boston Bombings! Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man

BROADER CONTEXT (The “forest”)

Corbett Video Report Gladio Series: Who’s at the Top of the Pyramid?

BFP Exclusive: US-NATO-Chechen Militia Joint Operations Base

Boston Terror Update 2-April 25: The Syria Objective is Nearly Accomplished?

BREAKING NEWS: Russia’s FSB Detains 140 in Moscow for Connection to Caucasus-Tied ‘Islamist Extremist Groups’

BFP BREAKING NEWS: Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & NATO-CIA Operation Gladio B-Caucasus & Central Asia

Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons

Who is “Misha”? – Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Rasputin

Kyrgyz Former Neighbors Talk About Tsarnaevs, North Caucasus Ties

The Mystery Of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Trip To Dagestan


Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?

Boston bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ was Halliburton contractor

Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official

Former CIA officer: ‘Absurd’ to link uncle of Boston suspects, Agency (Story confirms Uncle Ruslan’s marriage)

Graham Fuller – Wiki

The Ties That Bind Washington to Chechen Terrorists

Tamerlane Tsarnaeva recruited via the Georgian Foundation (Google translation)


Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Protect You From Terrorists Taking Away Your Freedom, by Doing it Himself

Rand Paul has not flip-flopped on Drones, He’s been consistently wrong


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