Tomorrow on TOR Radio: Sheldon Richman and James Corbett

Traces of Reality
May 10, 2013


Sheldon Richman and James CorbettTomorrow on TOR Radio: During the first hour (between 5-5:30PM CDT), we will be joined by Sheldon Richman, Vice President of the Future of Freedom Foundation.  We plan on discussing federal drug laws, the latest on the gun control debate, including 3D printing, The “Liberator” by Defense Distributed, and the reaction by the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance ordering all files on their server be taken down.

Also, in the second hour, James Corbett of will be joining us for a conversation on the Boston Marathon Bombings, the various links in the Tsarnaev family to the CIA, including some recent developments in this story.  Also, the global perspective, the latest on Syria and much more.

Tune in LIVE tomorrow, Saturday, May 11, 5-7PM Central (6-8PM EDT) on RBN!