TOR Radio: May 25, 2013 (Bill Conroy)

Traces of Reality
May 26, 2013


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Episode 31: Live on RBN #21 (May 25, 2013)

Traces of Reality



Guests: Bill Conroy (1st Hour) and Danny Benavides (2nd Hour)

Today on Traces of Reality Radio: During the first our of the show, we welcome back Bill Conroy, investigative journalist for Narco News.  Having recently returned from a trip south of the border, Conroy fills us in on the latest on the drug war front, as it relates to Mexico’s shift in strategy under new president Peña Nieto.  We discuss the rise in armed “vigilante groups” as a reaction to the surge in violence, the propaganda war being waged, and how the U.S government and the media play their role.

Also, during the second hour, Danny Benavides joins us once again for our semi-regular segment: TOR Week in Review. We tackle important issues and various news items and headlines that surfaced throughout the week, including Obama’s speech on Thursday, Eric Holder, Medea Benjamin and Code Pink, the latest on the Boston Bombing investigation, 3D printing, and much more.


Bill Conroy – The Narcosphere

Bill Conroy on TOR Radio: February 2, 2013

Mexico Seeks to Ramp Up Tourism By Rebranding Drug War

Dana Priest, Washington Post: U.S. role at a crossroads in Mexico’s intelligence war on the cartels

Marcy Wheeler: When a Counter-TerrorismNarcotic Partner Asks for a Divorce

Mexican drug cartels’ spreading influence: Graphic

The Militarization of Mexico, Again

Cops Go Undercover at High School to Bust Special-Needs Kid for Pot: Why Are Police So Desperate to Throw Kids in Jail?

TOR Week in Review:

Obama’s Dodges Hard Truths About War on Terror in Major Speech

Obama Admits U.S. Killed 4 Americans in Drone War

US government admits to killing four American citizens with drones

Attorney General Holder approved warrant to search Fox News reporter’s emails

Holder OK’d search warrant for Fox News reporter’s private emails, official says

Holder Signed Off on Warrant Identifying Fox News Reporter as Criminal Conspirator

Holder: We’ve Droned 4 Americans, 3 by Accident. Oops.

Video: Anti-Drone Protestor Takes Over Obama’s Counterterrorism Speech

Medea Benjamin Surprised Obama Drones Speech Protest Worked

After You Read This Kid’s Story, You’ll Think Twice About What You Post On Facebook. (And That’s The Problem.)

Officer Collier Shooting: “Rosebud” Moment of the Boston Bombing?

Two FBI Agents Involved in Arrest of Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die

2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest Have Been Killed During a Training Exercise

Witness Tied to Boston Bombing Suspect Killed by FBI

FBI shooting-review team in Orlando investigates Ibragim Todashev killing

‘Never in his life’: Father of Tsarnaev’s friend questions FBI slaying of son

$25 Gun Created With Cheap 3D Printer Fires Nine Shots

Liberator gun made with consumer 3D printer, plastic pistol fires nine shots successfully (video)

Watch 3-D Printed Shotgun Slugs Blow Away Their Targets

3D-Printed Guns ‘Impossible’ To Control, DHS Tells Law Enforcement. Well, That’s the Whole Idea.

3D-printable food? NASA wants a taste