TOR Radio: June 8, 2013 – Daniel McAdams: How Perpetual War Abroad Leads to the Police State at Home

Traces of Reality
June 8, 2013


Daniel McAdams Ron PaulTraces of Reality Radio hosted by Guillermo Jimenez

Episode 33: Live on RBN #23 (June 8, 2013)

Traces of Reality



Guest: Daniel McAdams (First Hour Guest: Marcy Wheeler–Click Here to Download/Listen)

During the second hour of the program, Daniel McAdams, The Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, joins me to discuss the national security state, the NSA surveillance, and how our country’s foreign policy in the warfare state helps to drive the police state at home. We get into Turkey, Syria, and the various programs and goals of the newly formed Ron Paul Institute.

Our guest in the first hour is blogger, Marcy Wheeler, of emptywheel.netClick here to download/listen.


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