Conan O’Brien Worships Molech?

Guillermo Jimenez
Traces of Reality
July 15, 2013


Conan O'Brien Worships Molech Bohemian GroveFile this under “WTF?”

The once ultra-secretive and still media-shy Bohemian Club of San Francisco, California has kicked off their yearly gathering of the “rich and powerful.” It opens its doors this year to a long list of high-profile attendees, including regulars like David Gergen and Chris Matthews, and relative newcomers, such as Gen. Stanley McChrystal and… Conan O’Brien?

In an article by Guy Kovner for DoD news outlet Stars and Stripes, late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, is said to be scheduled to deliver a Lakeside Talk in the redwoods of Bohemian Grove on the topic of “Success, Failure in Surviving the Media Revolution.”

As Kovner points out in his article, it doesn’t quite sound like the usual sort of material Conan is known for on his show.  Still, I wonder if the Bohemians may be treated to an appearance by the “Masturbating Bear.” They are, after all, in the woods—and the Bohemian Club has been known to engage in their share of “kinkyness.”

Conan’s attendance and involvement with the “club” is surprising to say the least, especially when considering how difficult it is to be invited.  According to Sam Singer, spokesman for the Bohemians, the standard wait time for admittance is 20 years.

So, this all begs the question: As a relative newbie, potentially a first-time attendee, exactly how many gay prostitutes does Conan get?  And is he required to partake in the simulated child sacrifice before Molech, or is that more of a perk for “senior” members?

Seriously though—judging by the list of attendees and the scheduled agenda of activities, is this really the Luciferian Death Cult some would make it out to be, or more of a glorified social club for elitist douche-bags?

Either way, say it ain’t so, CoCo.