TOR Radio: July 27, 2013 – Pepe Escobar on The Global Civil War

Traces of Reality
July 27, 2013


Pepe EscobarTraces of Reality Radio hosted by Guillermo Jimenez

Episode 37: July 27, 2013 – The Global Civil War

Traces of Reality



Guest: Pepe Escobar

On today’s Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by writer and roving correspondent, Pepe Escobar.  Guillermo and Pepe discuss a wide variety of issues including the “Asia pivot,” Syria, NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Guantanamo, the normalization of the “Global War on Terror,” and much, much more.


Pepe Escobar – Asia Times Online

We Are in the Middle of a Global Civil War

War against Iran, Iraq AND Syria?

Al-Qaeda unleashed against Syria and Iraq with acceptance of the West

The NSA and Pentagon Dream of Total Information Awareness

U.S.: We Promise Not to Torture, Kill Edward Snowden

Rapper’s force-feeding video riles U.S. medics at Guantanamo Bay