Dispatches from the Constitution Free Zone

Guillermo Jimenez
Traces of Reality
September 2, 2013


Internal Checkpoints Domestic Passports Hispanic Border Laredo Texas Patrol CBP DHS police stateBeginning today, September 2, 2013, I will be keeping a biweekly column at PanAmPost.com titled Dispatches from the Constitution Free Zone, where I will examine and catalog issues the border, the war on drugs, checkpoints, and the various ways liberty is threatened within the CFZ.

My first column is up today, titled “The Constitution-Free Zone: Fact and Fiction—Misconceptions and Lack of Historical Context Undermine Gravity of the Issue.

Here is the introduction:

In recent months, there has been a growth in the level of interest and curiosity regarding the area near the border of the United States known as the “constitution-free zone.” Persistent civil disobedience, viral “checkpoint refusal” videos on YouTube, and unlawful arrests of several activists in the area have caused the issue to reach newfound levels of awareness.

For those who have worked towards generating a wider public discourse, the increased media attention and revived dialogue is undoubtedly a good sign. Unfortunately, and somewhat understandably, this new attention has come with misconceptions, misunderstanding, and a general lack of historical context.

The column includes the subsections: The Constitution-Free Zone Defined, A Quick History Lesson, The Supreme Court, and Generational Conditioning.

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