Have You Heard the One About the Middle East Peace Talks?

Philip Giraldi
September 6, 2013


Benjamin NetanyahuNo? Well no one else has heard anything about them either. They could easily become the basis for a joke inside the beltway but for the fact that no one in Washington has a sense of humor. As the Chief US mediator is named Martin Indyk one would think there is sufficient fodder for an extended Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert play on words monologue, but perhaps silence about an embarrassment of colossal proportions is the best policy. Indyk must nevertheless be enjoying those quiet evenings at the King David Hotel, hosting his cronies dating from his time as ambassador, possibly contemplating what his next assignment might be.

Gauleiter of the conquered Judea and Samaria, perhaps? Surely presiding over an episode in political chicanery that has the entire world laughing merits some reward above and beyond the emoluments he has already received from his good friends in Washington and Tel Aviv for his superb job in keeping the wild Palestinians in check.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who certainly deserves some credit for the splendid entertainment he provided, has moved on to better things and is hoping that Indyk will keep his mouth shut and enjoy the paid vacation. Kerry is busy working his way through The Little Book of Atrocities in order to find just the right words to describe Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

His copy of the book sadly is missing the pages that include the words “drone,” “rendition,” “assassination,” “secret prisons,” “torture” and “waterboarding,” but apart from that there is some really good meaty material. Who would have thought up expressions he used like “moral obscenity,” “crime against conscience,” “crime against humanity” and the alliterative “cowardly crime?” Kerry went on Meet the Press on Sunday where he likened al-Assad to Saddam Hussein and that perennial favorite Adolph Hitler.

Kerry is also engaged in orchestrating anonymous leaks to support the White House line while simultaneously and characteristically asserting that the administration has all the evidence it needs though no one is actually allowed to see any of it, bolstering his claim with an extremely precise tally of 1,429 dead in the chemical attack, a number which he has no means to determine unless he used a Ouija board.

His belief that by punishing al-Assad Washington and its allies would be upholding the “promise of the planet” confuses me a bit, but that might be a reference to something in The Lord of the Rings, possibly relating to the Dark Lord Sauron. Even if the allusion isn’t actually quite so literary everyone is entitled to one flight of fancy while having to make things up to explain why you want to do something that is really stupid.

Or consider President Barack Obama’s assertion that chemical weapons used in Syria in a “brutal and flagrant” fashion threaten the United States. Apparently maps are not readily available in the White House, but the president is, after all, a lawyer and his argument is presumably more subtle than that. He observes that the chemical weapons in Syria could fall into the hands of terrorists who would then use them in the United States. Mission accomplished presumably if they can shave off their beards and buy a Brooks Brothers suit, get a visa, obtain an airline ticket, travel with a suitcase crammed with chemicals down in the hold and escape the hawk-like gaze of the Transportation Security Administration.

And they better not use a cell phone while they are arranging all of the above lest they get intercepted by the NSA and zapped by a predator drone. That the terrorists are in Syria in the first place because of the misplaced policies of Obama and his friends, who are supporting them with weapons and money, matters not a whit. It is so yesterday to think that way, almost like the kind of arguments that Senator Obama himself used to make when talking about Iraq. But that was a long time ago.

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