TOR Radio: 09/12/2013 – The NSA and Israel, Unit 8200, and the Michael Hastings-Barrett Brown Connection

Traces of Reality
September 12, 2013


Spying EyeEpisode 54: September 12, 2013 – The NSA and Israel, Unit 8200, and the Michael Hastings-Barrett Brown Connection

Traces of Reality


Guest: Danny Benavides

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by Traces of Reality Contributing Editor, Danny Benavides.  Guillermo and Danny analyze the latest NSA headlines (NSA Shares Raw Intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel ) to come of out of the Edward Snowden leaks and how it connects to the larger, global surveillance, total information awareness game.

We discuss the NSA’s relationship with Israel’s “Unit 8200,” its investments into companies like Converse, VERINT, and NARUS, and how these third party entities are used to circumvent laws prohibiting domestic surveillance.  Also, the Michael Hastings – Barrett Brown connection, their research into these global surveillance networks, and their targeting by the federal government.


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Court Upbraided N.S.A. on Its Use of Call-Log Data

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The Strange Case of Barrett Brown

Endgame: the link between Barrett Brown & Michael Hastings – was this why they were targeted?

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