Death by Border Patrol: A License to Kill in the Constitution-Free Zone

Guillermo Jimenez
PanAmerican Post
October 29, 2013


Trigger-Happy Border Patrol Agents and Their Underage Victims

Last week, in my hometown of Laredo, Texas — a city resting on the US-Mexico Border — US Border Patrol agents shot and nearly killed a 20-year-old Mexican national, yet another case of the agency’s highly questionable use-of-force policy.

As reported by the Laredo Morning Times in “Border Patrol, undocumented immigrants involved in shooting,” a border patrol agent shot two unauthorized immigrants. One was critically injured, after allegedly “assaulting” the agent. (This article is also evidence of the Hearst daily’s own highly questionable use of misleading and confusing headlines.)

The agent in question received no treatment for any injuries and no weapons were reportedly found on either of the victims. One can reasonably extrapolate that these two unauthorized immigrants were “involved in a shooting” much like victims of a home invasion are “involved in a robbery.”

The Border Patrol’s use of force in this case should be viewed within the context of the agency’s admitted, unabashed, and frighteningly trigger-happy policy. Within the last few years, there have been a remarkable number of documented instances in which agents have fired upon unarmed individuals, or even indiscriminately into crowds — and even when their target had not yet committed the ultimate transgression of attempting to cross the border.

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