TOR Radio: Katy Perry, Illuminati Chic, and You with Tom Secker

Traces of Reality
November 5, 2013


Katy Perry Illuminati Chic Fashion Jay-Z TOR tracesofreality traces of realityEpisode 80: “Katy Perry, Illuminati Chic, and You” with Tom Secker

Traces of Reality


Guest: Tom Secker

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by the host of ClandesTime, researcher and author, Tom Secker.  Guillermo and Tom discuss the ways in which “revolutionary” ideas are resonating in society and are being expressed through popular culture. We explore the Russell Brand interview, the Illuminati in rap music and fashion, John Lennon and 60′s radicalism, the evolution (or devolution) of political ideologies, and much more.