Assume the Position: In the Search for Drugs, the State Finds a New Low

Guillermo Jimenez
PanAmerican Post
November 13, 2013


Officers Bobby Orosco and Robert Chavez. Source: KOB-TV

Last week, we learned of two separate incidents involving the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department in Deming, New Mexico, and the extraordinary lengths that they will go in conducting “routine” searches for drugs.

After witnessing a minor traffic violation, police officers Bobby Orosco and Robert Chavez were suspicious of the offender, David Eckert. His “clenched buttocks” drew their attention, and they forced Eckert to undergo a series of humiliating and painfully invasive medical procedures.

The officers ordered doctors to perform x-rays, examine Eckert’s anus with their fingers, and repeatedly penetrate him anally with an enema, forcing him to defecate multiple times as they watched. After this exhaustive search yielded no drugs, police then ordered a colonoscopy be performed on Eckert, penetrating his anal cavity for the fourth time, and again finding nothing.

If not for the badge that designates the aggressors as duly authorized actors of the state, and therefore immune to the rules that you and I live by, this act of physical violence would be considered nothing less than first-degree rape.

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