TOR Radio: Larry Pinkney on the Release of Lynne Stewart and COINTELPRO in 2014

Traces of Reality
January 11, 2014


Larry PinkneyEpisode 87: The Release of Lynne Stewart and COINTELPRO in 2014 with Larry Pinkney

Traces of Reality


Guest: Larry Pinkney

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by writer, columnist, and political activist, Larry Pinkney. Guillermo and Larry discuss the prison release of the “people’s lawyer,” Lynne Stewart, and why it serves as a reminder of the collective power of the people.

Also on the show: As a former political prisoner and victim of COINTELPRO, Larry shares his perspective on the resurgence of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program within the mainstream media. We discuss the “FBI Burglars” who uncovered the FBI’s secret program in 1971 and have recently come forward to reveal their identities. We also discuss the ways COINTELPRO has been “tweaked” over the years, and by the FBI’s own admission, remains an integral part of their operations.

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