TOR Radio: Truth Through Comedy with Joy Camp

Traces of Reality
February 10, 2014


Joy Camp Benny Wills Kevin KostelnikEpisode 91: “Truth Through Comedy” with Joy Camp co-creators, Kevin Kostelnik and Benny Wills

Traces of Reality


Guests: Joy Camp (Kevin Kostelnik and Benny Wills)

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by the co-creators of the sketch comedy troop, Joy Camp, Benny Wills and Kevin Kostelnik. We talk about the motivation to speak truth through comedy and our various personal influences, both within comedy and the “alternative media.”

We cover a lot of ground during our hour long conversation, with topics ranging from audience reactions and criticisms, to our mutual love and respect of Bill Hicks and other comedy greats, and even Stanley Kubrick and the moon landing. Great fun. Enjoy!

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