Confessions of an Alt Media Host

Traces of Reality
February 13, 2014


Guillermo Jimenez Profile TOR tracesofreality traces of reality BFP demanufacturing consent“Confessions of an Alt Media Host”: ClandesTime with Tom Secker, Episode 18

Tom Secker invited me on his show last week to talk about my experiences in the “alternative media” thus far. Tom asked some personal questions, and I did my best to answer honestly and coherently (almost achieving both at times). It is, to date, my most detailed and comprehensive account of how I got my start in media—from public school teacher, to writer, to a nationally syndicated radio show host, leaving RBN, joining BFP, and everything in between.

Tom’s description from Guillermo Jimenez of joined me to talk about his time as a live radio host on RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network.  We discussed the problems he found while working in network radio, how and why he joined up with RBN, how and why he left, and the shows he is now doing: Traces of Reality Radio and Demanufacturing Consent.  We round off with some reflections on the alt media as a whole, and offer some advice to budding podcasters and radio hosts.

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Traces of Reality

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