Bill Hicks: Twenty Years After Getting Off The Ride

Guillermo Jimenez
Traces of Reality
February 16, 2014


Bill Hicks: Love, Laughter, and Truth

A brilliant comic. Courageous truth-teller. A personal hero who left this world too soon.

There really is nothing I can possibly say about Bill Hicks at this point that hasn’t already been said countless times before. So, rather than hearing it from me, why not listen to the man himself. Below is a collection of Bill’s material, conveniently gathered in one place for your enjoyment.

Happy Bill Hicks Day — and always remember: “It’s just a ride.”

Sane Man: Austin, Texas (1989)


One Night Stand: Chicago, Illinois (1991)


Relentless: Montreal, Canada (1991)


Revelations: London, England (1992)


Live at Igby’s: Bill’s Last Filmed Performance (and my personal favorite), Los Angeles, California (1993)


Bonus – The Censoring of Bill Hicks: Trio Documentary (2003)