Theater of the Absurd: The Arrest of El Chapo Guzmán

Guillermo Jimenez
PanAmerican Post
March 4, 2014


El Chapo ArrestedPlaying His Role: Every Good Drama Needs a Willing Villain

In the theater of the absurd that is the War on Drugs, the rational gives way to the irrational — the logical to the illogical.

We observe the narcotics supply-chain of individuals and the law enforcement apparatus, both trapped in seemingly hopeless situations. Then those in positions of power — government, big business, and banks — act out their role with the same repetitive and meaningless actions. They assuage the public with words of comfort, but they ring full of clichés and nonsense. In the end, there is no meaning, a cyclical and destructive plot without bounds.

The arrest of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán fits into this narrative all too well. Touted as one of the most dangerous and sought after criminals on the planet, his capture has led to much congratulatory back-slapping on the part of Mexican and US authorities. The takedown of the face of the Sinaloa Cartel has been said to mark the end of an era, and yet, paradoxically, has left many more questions than answers.

Aside from the uncertainties of the future, questions linger as to the planning, execution, and timing of the arrest — how, who, or what set the stage for El Chapo’s fall?

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