#Terrornoia Update: Mar. 18, 2014

Danny Benavides
Traces of Reality
March 18, 2014


Three years ago this week, the attempted regime change operation perpetrated on Syria and the government of Bashar al-Assad began. All this time later, after the lives of millions have been snuffed out or cast into ruin and dust from destroyed city blocks still fills the air, the foreign-backed mercenaries aiming to topple Assad continue to destabilize the entire country and the surrounding region. Washington, of course, is well aware of the horrors committed by the Syrian regime, as Assad was formerly a useful partner in the CIA torture program.

While terror suffocates Syria, the same foreign countries backing the violent overthrow of yet another world leader bat their eyelashes and clamor for humanitarian aid to alleviate the cluster of crises their proxy militias have precipitated.

Let’s take a tour of America’s (and its client states’) foreign policy fuckups for this week…


Marking four years of war in Syria: Carnage out of control, diffused Al Qaeda, and peace is still off-the-table

An unhappy anniversary: Why the end of Bashar al-Assad is as far away as ever – and how Syria’s rebels lost the plot via Patrick Cockburn @ The Independent [Cockburn was recently on DemocracyNow! discussing this article, and interviewed by the great Scott Horton earlier in the week]

Al Nusrah Front, Free Syrian Army launch joint operation via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal [in case you needed more proof that there is no such thing as "moderate" violent opposition in Syria, or anywhere else for that matter]

Pro-regime Sunni fighters in Aleppo defy sectarian narrative via Edward Dark @ Al-Monitor [nothing is black and white, despite what the conventional news media attempts to reinforce]

Spain, Morocco Bust Suspected Jihadist Cell via Ciaran Giles and Paul Schemm @ Associated Press/ABC News

Tripoli youth recruit fighters to send to Syria via Subaib Ayoub @ Al-Monitor

Detailed Syria Maps; Activists Honor Revolution Dead in Washington via Joshua Landis @ Syria Comment [some truly interesting infographics shared here]

Assad forces re-claim key border town with Hezbollah’s help via Associated Press @ Ynet News [observe the aerial photo from AP depicting the wholesale devastation in Homs]

Al Nusrah Front names training camps after top al Qaeda leaders via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal

A Genealogy of Egyptian Islamic Radicalism via Shawn Green @ Small Wars Journal [this long-read -- informative and with necessary historical context -- accompanies the above article well]

The man who ignited the Syrian revolution via Phil Sands, Justin Vela and Suha Maayeh @ The National

California Student Nicholas Teausant Allegedly Tried To Join Al Qaeda Fighters In Syria via Gene Johnson @ Associated Press/Huffington Post [yet another American lulled by propaganda]

Lebanon braces for more violence as anti-Assad rebels flee key Syrian town via Mitchell Prothero @ McClatchy News

Fears for Lebanon’s stability as al-Qaeda builds networks via Loveday Morris @ The Washington Post

State Department shuts down Syrian embassy in DC via Hannah Allam @ McClatchy News

After tours in Syria and Iraq, Saudi militants head to Yemen via Reuters @ The National

Across Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, into AfPak territory

Washington’s Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa via Nick Turse @ The Unz Review [essential reading from Turse]

Dozens of prisoners escape in Nigeria attack @ Al Jazeera English [Boko Haram jailbreaks its fighters, and the group is as bloody as ever]

Al-Shabab suicide bomb attack on Somali hotel @ Al Jazeera English [more (rotten) "fruits" of U.S. intervention]

Navy SEALs intercept tanker with Libyan oil via Lisa Lundquist @ The Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix blog [this is the most informative piece on the event that I found in my news feeds]

Special Report: Egyptian militants outwit army in Sinai battlefield via anonymous @ Reuters

Yemen president dismisses powerful security head via Farea al-Muslimi @ Al-Monitor

Conspiracy Stories Surrounding Nils Horner Murder Hard to Dismiss Due to US Behavior via Jim White @ Emptywheel [oh, those pesky conspiracy facts]

Rebels, Islamists form dangerous alliance in Pakistan’s unruly southwest via Syed Raza Hassan @ Reuters

Some news from the trial of Bin Laden’s son-in-law, plus AQAP propaganda

Al Qaeda training: poisoning dogs and rabbits, building shoe bombs via Tina Susman @ The Los Angeles Times

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: al-Qaida in ‘war of attrition’ with US via Spencer Ackerman @ The Guardian

Al-Qaeda urges followers to bomb the Savoy via Rob Crilly @ The Telegraph [AQAP's latest issue of "Inspire" propaganda hot off the presses]

Terrornoia from the Caucasus

Boston Bomber Carjacking Unravels – Part 1 of 2 and Something Dead Wrong Here: Investigating the Mysterious and Central Character, “Danny” – Part 2 of 2 via Russ Baker @ WhoWhatWhy [also, be sure to give a listen to Guillermo's excellent discussion with Russ on De-manufacturing Consent at Boiling Frogs Post]

Islamic Caucasus Emirate confirms death of emir Doku Umarov via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal

Ali Abu Muhammad al Dagestani, the new emir of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix blog