#Terrornoia Update: Apr. 2, 2014

Danny Benavides
April 2, 2014


As the terrorist wildfire spreads all around Syria and its neighbors, leaked conversations between top-level Turkish officials detail plans to setup a false flag rocket attack to be used as a casus belli for Turkey and its NATO co-conspirators to raze Syria.

Plus some additional links about AFRICOM’s dirty ops, AfPak terror politics (I repeat myself), the FBI’s and NSA’s fingerprints all over the Tsarnaevs and the Boston Marathon bombing, and some excellent articles from Pepe Escobar, Gareth Porter, Phil Giraldi, John Glaser, and more.


Terror in the Levant, and major Syria spillover in Turkey

ISIS shifts tactics in Fallujah via Mushreq Abbas @ Al-Monitor [videos of the "ISIS parades" can be seen here]

Chechen al Qaeda commander, popular Saudi cleric, and an Ahrar al Sham leader spotted on front lines in Latakia via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal

Clashes escalate around sovereign Turkish enclave in Syria via Namik Durukan @ Al-Monitor [deja vu: as if it was scripted by Turkish black ops... see below.]

Syria: Erdogan’s False Flag Invasion Plans Revealed @ Moon of Alabama

Media Neglect Turkish False Flag Attack Leak And Its Implications @ Moon of Alabama

NATO’s Proxy Offensive Continues in Northern Syria via Mimi Al Laham @ Land Destroyer Report

Obama Approval of Manpads for Rebels Would Violate US Agreements, Policy, and Endanger Airliners via James McMichael @ Syria Comment

Turkish Power Struggle Impedes NATO’s Campaign in Syria via Christoph Germann @ Boiling Frogs Post

Turkey: It is Time to Prove Your Sovereignty via Sibel Edmonds @ Boiling Frogs Post

Sibel Edmonds Breaks Down the Turkish False Flag Leak via James Corbett @ Corbett Report [this is another exceptional discussion with James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds, listen to this to better understand who leaked the recordings and why]

War between ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra splits Deir Ez-Zor tribes via Abdallah Suleiman Ali @ Al-Monitor

Syria’s Victory, Setback For US-NATO, Turning Point For Western Global Hegemony via Tony Cartalucci @ Global Research

Obama in Saudi Arabia: Will Riyadh really go it alone? via Nile Bowie @ RT Op-Edge

Lebanon moves to quell Syria spillover violence, sends army into Tripoli via Mitchell Prothero @ McClatchy News

New Syria death toll shows civilians make up one-third of casualties via Mitchell Prothero @ McClatchy News

Syrian Armenians, who had been insulated from war, forced to flee after rebel offensive via Loveday Morris @ The Washington Post

Bits of Africa and Afghanistan

U.S. Military Averaging More Than a Mission a Day in Africa via Nick Turse @ The Unz Review

Morning Glory gunmen freed in Libya via Daniel J. Graeber @ UPI

Prominent Islamist shot dead on Kenyan coast: police via Joseph Akwiri @ Reuters

Taliban Attack Election Panel Headquarters Before Afghan Voting via Matthew Rosenberg @ The New York Times

Has Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security Infiltrated the Taliban? via Jim White @ Emptywheel

Remember Boston?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Lawyers say older brother was asked to be FBI informant via Danielle Haynesj @ UPI

Why Does NSA Get a Pass on the Boston Marathon Attack? via Marcy Wheeler @ Emptywheel

Neocons and Israel in the headlines

The Kerry-Lavrov chess match via Pepe Escobar @ Asia Times

U.S. Rejected Israeli Demand for Iran Nuclear Confession via Gareth Porter @ Inter Press Service News Agency

Jonathan Pollard, Again: Why he must complete his time in prison via Philip Giraldi @ The Unz Review

Secret Recording of Dick Cheney Lamenting Middle East Policy & GOP ‘Isolationism’ via John Glaser @ Antiwar.com

Report: Donald Rumsfeld lies about Saddam Hussein, al-Qaida and 9/11 in Errol Morris documentary via Evan Bleier @ UPI