#Narconoia Update: Apr. 3, 2014

Danny Benavides
April 3, 2014


Tons of links this week, from Chapo Guzmán’s ludicrous statements to Mexican prosecutors, the scandalized resignation of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño, investigating the sophisticated communications network built by Los Zetas, more top-level Templarios fall in Michoacán as autodefensas get squeezed by the Mexican government, narco-blockades and shootouts just across the border in Reynosa, and much more.


Editorials and reportage from the narco-world

The War on Drugs Remains Literal via Lucy Steigerwald @ Antiwar.com

Organized crime turning quest for American dream into a nightmare via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Mexico’s San Fernando Massacre: The Families Have the Right to Know Why via Jesse Franzblau @ Unredacted: The National Security Archive

U.S. demands investigation into Mexican Army shooting of U.S. citizens via Lupita Murillo and Michel Marizco @ News4 Tucson KVOA

Radio Tecnico: How The Zetas Cartel Took Over Mexico With Walkie-Talkies via Damon Tabor @ Popular Science [this is a fascinating piece of journalism, a MUST-read]

DEA claims no guidelines on enforcing federal ban in marijuana-friendly states via Beryl Lipton @ Muckrock News

Narco-Cities: Mexico and Beyond via John P. Sullivan @ Small Wars Journal

Facebook becomes the new front in Mexico’s drug war via Matt Stroud @ The Verge

Mexico confirms confrontation with Border Patrol agents via Richard A. Serrano and Tracy Wilkinson @ The Los Angeles Times [another sort of "spillover" of a more worrisome variety]

Border lawmen gather at Island via Mark Reagan @ The Brownsville Herald [an innocuous headline, but this article is about a border security confab in Texas]

More news from Michoacan

‘El Americano’s’ 400 Gunmen Undermine Mexico Bid to Cut Violence Nacha Cattan @ Bloomberg [the "H3" cartel -- named for being the third vigilante group to take up arms, and the Hummer "El Americano" used -- seems to be seeking to replace Los Caballeros Templarios, instead of eliminating organized crime]

Banners blame N.Y. man’s disappearance on cartel leader via Ned P. Rauch @ The Journal News/USA Today [dubious?]

Michoacán Self-Defense Leader Detained for Murder of Mayor via Ernesto Martínez Elorriaga @ La Jornada/Mexico Voices [translated by Jane Brundage]

SEGOB: Enrique ‘Kike’ Plancarte Solís Confirmed Dead via ValorxTruth @ Borderland Beat [another one bites the dust]

Mexico killed a Knights Templar drug cartel leader: Reports @ Agence France-Presse/Global Post

Reeling Knights Templar Hit by Death of Second-in-Command via Michael Lohmuller @ InSight Crime

Mexican commandos slay another crime boss from troubled Michoacan via Tim Johnsons @ McClatchy News

Authorities Kill Gang Leader, Mexico Says via Paulina Villegas @ The New York Times

Mexican Knights Templar drug lord ‘Kike’ Plancarte killed @ BBC News

Kike Plancarte Querétaro Hideout and Identification Photos via Chivis Martínez @ Borderland Beat

Self-Defense Leader Mireles Says Government Has Sidelined Him via Carmen Aristegui @ Aristegui Noticias/Mexico Voices [translated by Jane Brundage]

Political theater in Hidalgo County, Texas

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño announces resignation effective immediately via Jacob Fischler, Dave Hendricks and Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Embattled Border Sheriff Lupe Treviño Resigns via Melissa del Bosque @ Texas Observer

Timeline: Sheriff Lupe Treviño’s Road to Resignation via Sergio Chapa @ Valley Central KGBT

Timeline: from arrest of sheriff’s son Jonathan to Friday’s resignation via Dave Hendricks @ The Monitor

Sheriff bows to ‘external and internal’ pressure, resigns via Jacob Fischler, Dave Hendricks and Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño resigns amid ongoing scandal via Brett Crandall @ Valley Central KGBT

12 candidates apply for top spot at Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office via Jacob Fischler @ The Monitor

New Sheriff Vows to Lift ‘Dark Cloud’ Over Hidalgo County Law Enforcement Agency via Melissa del Bosque @ Texas Observer

And right across the border

Tamps govt: Mexican army seizes guns, ammo from narco camps south of Starr County via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Mastermind of botched plot that led to ‘spillover’ police shooting gets 22-year sentence via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Official: Attempted capture of narco wrestler sets off firefights in Reynosa via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Mayhem reported on the streets of Reynosa amid shootouts via Sergio Chapa @ Valley Central KGBT

Kidnapped former Nuevo Laredo mayor found slain via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

Sources: Gulf Cartel boss, luchador was drunk via Ildefonso Ortiz @ The Monitor

El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel

Jailed Mexico crime boss Chapo Guzman has told prosecutors he’s just a farmer via Tim Johnson @ McClatchy News

Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo Guzmán’s Fairy Tale: I’m Innocent And Just A Farmer via Dolia Estevez @ Forbes

Colombia Arrests Members of Narco Family Linked to Sinaloa Cartel via Marguerite Crawley @ InSight Crime

Lieutenant of El Chapo, “El Tigre” Confirmed Killed via Chivis Martínez @ Borderland Beat

Odds and ends

What Was Ukraine Drug Trafficker Doing in Mexico? via Michael Lohmuller @ InSight Crime

Today’s Drug Lords Can Be Tomorrow’s Businessmen: Ex-Mexico President Fox via Mimi Yagoub @ InSight Crime

Drug War: United States Withdraws Radar Assistance in Honduras @ PanAm Post