#Terrornoia Update: Apr. 8, 2014

Danny Benavides
April 8, 2014


Bandar bin Sultan, a/k/a Bandar Bush, has returned to his post as director of the Mukhabarat, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, just in time to send the heavy firepower and anti-aircraft weapons Obama’s been “reconsidering” to the Wahhabi jihadists of Al Qaeda 2.0. Maybe it’s some of the same confiscated cache including MANPADs from Gaddafi’s stockpiles that NATO’s been peddling to the scores of extremist militias flooding the Middle East and Africa.

Seymour Hersh’s latest article unofficially confirms what astute observers have been noting since the start of the proxy war in Syria: there is no such thing as a “moderate” holding an AK in one hand and a decapitated head in the other, only the “rebels” have motivation for a chemical attack, and the United States is actively supporting and bankrolling guys who are orders of magnitude worse than any of the “Hitlers” the U.S. and its accomplices/clients have regime-changed in the last several decades.

From the lies of Libya and the ruins of Iraq sprang the neojihadists of Al Qaeda 2.0, the best frenemies that black budgets can buy.


Syria’s unabated spillover, like gasoline, will inflame every country along its borders

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Prince Bandar returning to Saudi Arabia after surgery @ Associated Press/The National [Bandar Bush regains his position as intelligence director, including the control of the Kingdom's Wahhabi jihadist brigades... Just in time to supply the heavy artillery and anti-aircraft weapons that Obama wants to sell to the so-called rebels.]

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