#Terrornoia Update: April 16, 2014

Danny Benavides
April 16, 2014


I apologize in advance for the bombardment of links in this week’s Terrornoia update.

Interestingly, despite popular acknowledgement of Al Qaeda in Syria receiving CIA logistical support and heavy weaponry, Saudi deliveries of U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missiles, the leaking of  Turkey’s false flag machinations, the proxy terror war to topple Assad kicks into high-gear yet again. More mainlining of lethal aid to terror groups in Syria, new allegations of chemical attacks, and fresh fears of terrornoia from an Al Qaeda meeting in Yemen which threatened future attacks in America.

More curious, newswires reported that Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan had been relieved of his duties and has returned the reins of wahhabist terror in Syria to Prince Mohammed bin Nayef again. Maybe Bandar had the hookup for those anti-tank missiles, and will crawl back into the shadows to serve further in some more clandestine capacity? Perhaps the failure of the regime change operation conducted by the U.S., U.K., Saudia Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, and assorted NATO client states has forced Bandar Bush from his position?

These developments — and a helluva lot more — below…


Syria information-overload

Reports of rebels with ‘tank-busters’ raises questions of US role in Syria via Taimur Khan @ The National

Muslim Shrine Stands as a Crossroads in Syria’s Unrest via Anne Barnard @ The New York Times

Syria’s sarin whodunit: Assigning responsibility for war crime via Nile Bowie @ RT’s Op-Edge

Chechen ISIS leader slams Al Nusrah Front for killing Moroccan commander via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal

Al Qaida rebels strike Syrian town seeking access to Iraq, oil via Mitchell Prothero @ McClatchy News

The Weaponization of Western “Aid” for Syria via Tony Cartalucci @ New Eastern Outlook/Global Research

Warily, Jordan Assists Rebels in Syrian War via Ben Hubbard @ The New York Times

Arming the ‘moderate’ rebels in the Syrian south via Lisa Lundquist @ The Long War Journal

In Jordan Town, Syria War Inspires Jihadist Dreams via Ben Hubbard @ The New York Times

Syria, rebels blame each other for reported poison gas attack via Patrick J. McDonnell @ The Los Angeles Times

Damascus and Rebels Trade Blame in Gas Attack via Anne Barnard and Ben Hubbard @ The New York Times

Opposition Accuses Syrian Regime of Attacks With Lethal Chlorine Gas via Sam Dagher @ The Wall street Journal

MI6, the CIA and Turkey’s rogue game in Syria via Patrick Cockburn @ The Independent

Mafia port in Italy will host transfer of Syria’s chemical weapons via Matthew Schofield @ McClatchy News

Syrian regime retakes Christian village from Islamist rebels via Mitchell Prothero @ McClatchy News

The Facebook jihadis seeking action in Syria via Ewen MacAskill and Leila Haddou @ The Guardian

Rebel videos show first U.S.-made rockets in Syria via Peter Apps @ Reuters

Saudi Intel Chief Relieved of Duties via Awad Mustafa @ Defense News

Saudi Arabia replaces spy chief, architect of Syria policy @ Al Jazeera

Saudi Intel Chief Prince Bandar Is Out, But Is He Really Out? via Thomas W. Lippman @ Lobelog

Saudi royal decree terminates Prince Bandar’s political career via Hani Ibrahim @ Al-Akhbar English

Most Reported Deaths in Syria Have Not Been Committed By Assad Regime via John Glaser @ Antiwar.com

As Syrian army steps up Homs offensive, rebels look for exit or prepare for final fight via Loveday Morris @ The Washington Post

Jordanian planes destroy convoy on Syria border @ Associated Press/The Times of Israel

West Aleppo faces unending assault via Edward Dark @ Al-Monitor

More Messopotamia

Has Recep Tayyip Erdogan gone from model Middle East ‘strongman’ to tin-pot dictator? via Robert Fisk @ The Independent

Turkey ‘aided Islamist fighters’ in attack on Syrian town via Ruth Sherlock @ The Telegraph

The inner workings of Gulen’s ‘parallel state’ via Piotr Zalewski @ The National

Iraq insurgents use water as weapon after seizing dam @ Reuters

ISIS’ ‘Southern Division’ praises foreign suicide bombers via Bill Roggio @ The Long War Journal

Iraq empties Abu Ghraib prison as jihadists, troops clash via Pol O. Gradaigh and Kadhem Al-Attabi @ McClatchy News

Terrornoia in the Arabian Peninsula

Al-Qaeda uses Twitter to mobilize Saudi youth via Abdallah al-Shehri @ Al-Monitor

Al Qaeda weapons ship docks in Aden via Oren Adaki @ The Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix blog

Video shows brazen outdoor meeting of al-Qaeda fighters via Greg Miller @ The Washington Post

In rare public meeting, Al-Qaida vows to attack America @ Reuters/Haaretz

Other excellent articles within orbit

Inside the FBI’s secret relationship with the military’s special operations via Adam Goldman and Julie Tate @ The Washington Post

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