TOR Radio: Andalusia Knoll on #EPNvsInternet

Traces of Reality
April 19, 2014


Episode 98: “The Global Struggle for Internet Freedom” with Andalusia Knoll

Traces of Reality


Guest: Andalusia Knoll

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by Andalusia Knoll, a multimedia journalist specializing in social movements based in Mexico City. We discuss the controversial telecom bill being considered by the Mexican government, endorsed by President Enrique Peña Nieto, the broad surveillance and censorship authority that it proposes, and the potential for such data to end up in the hands of drug cartels targeting anonymous bloggers and social media users.

Andalusia describes the civil resistance movement that sprung from social media, leading to organized street action, and the political effect it has already caused. Also on the program, we discuss how Mexico’s telecom reform fits into a geopolitical framework, as governments around the world attempt to crack down on internet freedom.

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