TOR Radio: Zero Dark Snowden, FCC Neutrality, and Legal Pot vs. Cartels

Traces of Reality
May 18, 2014


Zero Dark SnowdenEpisode 99: “Zero Dark Snowden, FCC Neutrality, and Legal Pot vs. Cartels” with Danny Benavides

Traces of Reality


Guest: Danny Benavides

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by TOR Contributing Editor Danny Benavides. We discuss Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide Book Tour and the Anonymous protest organized in part by freelance journalist Douglas Lucas to raise awareness of the “PayPal 14″ case and the extortion money they still owe Pierre Omidyar. We touch on Greenwald’s deal with Sony and what it means to have the producers (and defenders) of Zero Dark Thirty oversee the making of Snowden: The Motion Picture.

Also on the program: FCC rules on net neutrality and the “internet as a public utility” question; the ongoing crisis in Michoacan, Mexico and updates on the autodefensas; and how the legal marijuana market in Colorado and Uruguay are already hurting the bottom line of black market drug cartels.

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